Beer for connoisseurs and beer lovers, an unsurpassable delight since 1842.

Pilsner Urquell ‒ a thousand times copied but never reproduced, the first and only original Pilsner in the world.

Once beers were dark and opaque until a beer master Josef Groll in 1842 in the Czech town of Plzen, through a special process of fermentation at lower temperature (i.e. bottom fermentation), succeeded to brew the first »golden« colour of beer we know today.

Still today Pilsner Urquell brews in the same brewery in Plzen in Czech Republic with the same soft water, the same topmost Saac hops from Žatec and the same quality barley from Moravia. They still germinate and dry barley for malt by themselves, and in the production the process of mashing is carried out with three-grade decoction method in open fire.