First class raw materials and craft production give Istrian pasta Klara Marič the perfect structure, firmness and taste which in harmony with a sauce ensure an excellent culinary delight.

Why is Istrian pasta Klara Marič so good?

In the preparation of Istrian pasta the dough is not kneaded through moulds but it is rolled out as if it was done manually. The process of drying pasta is slow and at lower temperatures so that the eggs and flour keep the nutritional value and the pasta keeps its structure, firmness and taste.

Like Istria differs from other regions, the Istrian pasta also has a different look and shape. The most known and recognized are Istrian fuži. The Istrian fuži Klara Marič are premium Istrian fuži, made in the heart of Istria in the town Kanfanar, from flour of the highest quality and fresh eggs, of which the fuži contain 20 %.